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How does it get from our storage center to tu casa you ask? With our delivery company to your door, what did you expect? šŸ™‚ It will get there, no worries…

Orders done on working days before 16:00 will be sent out the same day. Netherlands/Belgium 1 Ć” 2 day delivery. Germany 1-3 days, depending on where you live. You will get a track and trace code.

For all our peeps in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, we are throwing in a whopping ā‚¬ 2,95 per delivery. If you order an extra cord, delivery is free! Other countries? Hurry to the Order page to find out…Rrready?… GO!!

Our products are verrrrry sustainable, cause they are made by hand in Amsterdam. Handpicked & handmade locally in Amsterdam!

Besides, it makes us a lot more flexible. New colors? No problem! Custom order? Just shout it out and we will get the Kyky boys ‘n girls on it!

Kyky is made from high quality, verrrrrrrrry long lasting (cute) rope. It will last you a lifetime. Literally. You are gonna grow old with this one, lady!

It doesn’t stain, smell, fade or get dirty. Please show us some photographical evidence if you claim otherwise.

What do you mean by ‘Installation’? Why did you click this? What do you not ‘get’ about ‘the Installation of your phone in a Kyky phonecase’? Just slip your phone in, slip it around your neck and never let it slip out of your hands anymore…

Wow, how did this happen? You wanna return your Kyky Amsterdam cord? Picked the wrong color? Chose the wrong model? Did it look too good on you??

Well, no worries: You can return your unused products within 14 days after your purchase and we will refund you the full price of the products. Unfortunately we cannot pay for return costs.

Please contact, mention your order number, describe your problem, include a cute selfie and our team of swift problem solvers will come to the rescue!

Of course smartypants. That could happen everytime you go out. But with Kyky, you’d look hot. All jokes aside, the cord is really strong, so if someone tries to take it… You are coming with him…

Yeah really? Ar you going through the fine print of this website? Sifting through the debris? Snooping around in the corners of to find maybe an extra discount? Ha! Busted! Well you are in luck. Try this coupon out: i-am-a-nosy-little-bastard-yes-i-am

Always be careful when handling objects that are of incredible value to you. Your mom, your favorite pair of shoes or your boy.Ā And your phone. Kyky is made by hand in Amsterdam. Small production differences may occur.

Be careful for scratches made by the little rings when placing your phone in the case. We are obliged to inform you that if you use Kyky like a bum, you might damage your phone, your own ego, your partners head, our case (nooo) & your follower count on Instagram. You’ll be fine.

Oh my… I am so flattered! You wanted to stay here forever! Give up hours watching Instagram, reading blogs and swiping potential partners to stay at Kyky.Amsterdam?

There are no words to express my gratitude. Well actually… There are! … ‘YOU ROCK!’ – Try to say it. Whisper it. Mean it. Oh my… you got me blushing again.

You can send your wrong item to:

De Trompet 1217
1967 DA Heemskerk

Please mention the following things on a note:

– Your order number
– That the package is for Kyky Amsterdam
– Would you like to return it or change for another cord?

We will refund the order (if that is the situation) once we’veĀ received your package!

Now get back to Shopping!

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You’re still here huh? You are a thorough one, I think you should get a little reward for that. But! Promise to stop looking for coupons?

Yes Kyky, I promise